Kinda wishing I could die early so that my mom would be set free (tw)

My mom cared for me enough and my physical disease is causing much harm and suffering. I just want to die so that I could set my mom and my family free of caregiving.

I pray that I will die early. No more of this.


Sending you hugs :hugs:

Sorry for having to ask, but I’ve never seen one of your posts where you describe your physical illness. What does it entail?

I’m sorry you are struggling so much right now. I doubt your mom resents it in anyway, she is just looking out for you because she loves you

I have worsening spasticity which hardens my muscles overtime. Also, I have spastic gait.

I know my mom cares about me, but I don’t want her to suffer throughout her life because of my illness.

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I’m sorry to hear that @anon10648258 . I won’t pretend to know what that’s like. My body is all broken from a car accident, and I do get looks from people sometimes, but I’ve learned that their opinion doesn’t matter. They don’t know me

Your Mom sounds amazing. And so are you for going through this

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it’s the duty of your mom to take care of you, after all she gave you life. try to appreciate the most little happy things in life, like receiving good vibes from us here haha. good luck to you

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