Kinda nervous about going to college, is it a place where I will fit in

Im thinking of going to college next Fall. Im going start applying now but Im nervous about fitting in. I didn’t like when I went to college when I was 18. Im older now but what will college be like.

fitting in is nice but remember why your there I could never focus at college too much going on your there to get your course that’s all.

It’s fabulous. The other students are also worried about fitting in. Most of the people are nice. Most of them won’t exclude you because of your age. And the schoolwork gives your mind something positive to focus on, which, I know for me, helps to diminish some of my symptoms. It’s nice, also, to be rewarded for your hard work with a good grade. There’s a lot of positive reinforcement. I’m now 40. I went to community college for about two and a half years starting when I was thirty-seven, and now I’m transferring to a university.

I live at my parents house and I drive to college every day. I think dorm life would not fit my very stable lifestyle of studying, going to the gym and sleeping alot every night. Maybe a private dorm with no room mate is what you need. I wouldnt even consider sleeping in the same room with someone else. College kids usually have horrible sleep patterns and get drunk or high multiple days a week.

College is like any other place - full of diverse groups and types of people. Some of which you’ll “fit with” and others you won’t.

Generally - most people have concerns like you. Will they fit in, will they be accepted… the important thing is to try to keep things as low stress as possible for you - so perhaps ease into it - by maybe starting part-time, close to your home. The more stress - the more likely a relapse. So - take it slow and if you start getting too stressed, don’t feel bad about backing off a bit.

I start back to school for the first time in a long time this January 6th. I have one class on line and one on campus. Nervous? Oh yeah, in huge huge way. But I really want to do this. I need to do this so I can get better at the job I like. :sunflower:

I went to community college. Many people were older; I was in my early thirties.Some classes I talked to people and they talked back. Other classes I kept to myself. A couple classes I would talk to just one person. I fit in. But that was just me, back then. I think now that it would be harder for me to fit in. It would be an effort at age 52. But I think I only need one more class on campus for my degree, the rest of my classes I can take online.

I dropped out twice due to my sz. I’m not ready for it yet. My advice is to live in your own world, as u are the only student. Ignore everyone else. There is a LOT going on. Or try to make friends if that’s important to you. Everyone that’s there to learn is probably not trying too hard to anything other then work