Kinda Miss @Erattica

…hope everything is cool with this poster…



I don’t know if the @ tag gives them a note when it’s in the title.

@Anna has been gone for weeks now.

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…I guess some just feel better and move on…

Perhaps. I’m guessing they’ll both turn up at some point.

Even samples will return.

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Was kinda getting the impression @Erratica wasn’t coming back.

Have been a few taking off for a long break and just starting to come back now though. So I don’t know.

Nah she’ll be back in sure.

Her writing was good. Lots of sentiment to it.

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IDK you might want to read the last post she posted on. Hope all are doing ok Sample32, Erratica Anna etc either way. No idea when @Plumber posted last either.

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Ah @Plumber1

He seemed to be doing very well though.

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