Kinda losing it a bit


For some reason I unscrewed my house sign off the front door. Have screwed it back again but I have no idea why.

Also I was due an amazon delivery but I cancelled it just now. It was out to be delivered so I have messed some poor delivery man around.

Also I cancelled my amazon prime membership.

This med reduction is kicking my ass. Don’t think it’s rebound psychosis more just internally agitated from a physical withdrawal - if that makes sense


Which ap are you going on?
Hope you feel better soon :hugs:


Coming off seroquel and adding depixol oral


Changing meds its a new experience. Feeling like walking on thin ice.


Good luck with your new med when you get to start it. Are you feeling paranoid about Amazon?


Coming off seroquel can be a little rough at first in my opinion. Hopefully things work out soon and you’ll adjust.


He has already had his Depixol injection significantly increased when the dose of the Seroquel started to be reduced. So the change has already started.


Thanks for clearing that up @Liquid


Thanks for the messages folks. I am feeling a lot better now compared to this afternoon. Will just take some time. I really appreciate the support from you kind folks


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