Kinda deflated

My parents phoned an unnamed company to complain about their dealings with my account. The person on the phone assured my parents everything was sorted and I would be receiving a good will payment to make up for their treatment of me.

I was so relieved. This has been a huge dark cloud hanging over me for months. One that I am not equipped to deal with on my own.

Anyway 20 minutes later they rephone and say sorry it is not resolved at all.

Just feel real bad. Is terrible for my mental health. I needed daily meds issued by the nurses when I first found out about this problem - the nurses didn’t trust me with meds in the house.

Wow @anon94176359, sorry you’re having to deal with this. Are your parents gonna continue to try and work it out?

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Yeah my parents say they will be doing all the dealings with them from now on


That’s good! I’m glad you have someone in your corner to help you through this.

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Don’t give up just yet @anon94176359.
Glad your parents are helping you.

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Kinda felt bad - my neighbour asked me to go to a meal with an old mutual neighbour who has moved away. My neighbour knows about my poor mental health.

I just texted and said am not feeling well right now and wouldn’t be able to make the meal. Feel like a useless neighbour

You shouldn’t feel useless. You’re just having a rough patch. If the neighbor knows about your situation then i’m sure he understands. I recently had to say no to someone because i wasn’t feeling up to doing anything. That’s just how it is sometimes.

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Dealing with utility companies is a nightmare ( as you’ve found out.)

Let your parents deal with it and keep yourself sane jimbob.

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