Kind of a bummer (my schizophrenia diagnosis)

I wasn’t happy at all when I got diagnosed with schizophrenia in September 2015. After that someone on Facebook told me he thought I was paranoid and had schizophrenia which is actually what I was diagnosed with at first, chronic paranoid schizophrenia, because I said his wife poisoned me. Then my old pastor told me I had a delusion because I said one of the pastors at his church poisoned me a few times and another pastor at his church tried to kill me. He is a trustworthy guy and I heard someone call him a man of integrity so I guess I didn’t remember things correctly.

Now I’m stable on just two psych meds and I go to a weekly CBT group at my mental health place. I feel I’ve made a good amount of progress in my recovery. CBT helps me because I used to have really bad and negative thoughts and I kept getting hospitalized for suicidal ideation which I don’t have a problem with anymore.


Hey @LazyandCrazy, just wanna say you sound like you’re in a waaaaay better place than you were a few years ago— and that’s awesome :+1:.


Well done! It sounds like you’ve found some good ways to cope and overcome the illness.


I’m happy that you’re improving!! That’s great. :relaxed:


Glad you’re sounding and feeling better!



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