Kids got dreams

Kid goes to the counsellour once day.

Counsellour says “what do you want to do in life when you graduate?”

Kid answers “I want to be a royal food taster.”

“What?” He asks the kid.

“I want to be the guy who tastes the kings food to see if it’s poisoned or not.”

“They don’t really do that anymore you know.”

And just like that the kid’s dreams are shattered and he feels deeply lost.


Maybe the kids “dream” is of not making connections or a grasp of how things work and are in the real world, and about how things work in his society.

That was the dream of child, and probably made life the experience it was in the younger years.

Another way you could see it is, how you see the connection of things and the world and its workings in today and society is the death of your dreams