Kid I know really went down a bad path

He was always kind of a troubled kid…but he never grew up. He left my high school after freshman year because he got expelled. Next I saw him he sold some REALLY good weed to me when I was 19. He was covered in tattoos at this point. Then I saw him during the midst of my psychosis at a gas station…I remember talking to him a while because I was psychotic. Then I saw him at an aa meeting high on heroin once…he didn’t recognize me he was so high. I just ignored him. Lately I’ve been hearing about him at aa. My friend says he does tons of heroin and ketamine. He’s a total narcissist. He’ll go to an aa meeting every couple months and some older guy said "if he’s not dead in 6 months I’d be surprised ". Now today his mugshots in the paper for choking someone…facing 6 years in prison. Damn that sucks. I have no resentment against him he never did me wrong but damn.

That’s a terrible story…use it as an example and reason to keep on the path your on…wish him well but no one can help him until he starts to help himself…


Also that ■■■■ is becoming big here…I worry for some of the people I know…But how do you stop a flood of pain and agony…

Oh man people die every week from it here…multiple people it’s terrible…

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I keep an ear to the streets…and the whispers are all headed that way…its an epidemic that isn’t being addressed well…at all

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I wonder what lead him to make such destructive choices. He can’t have had an easy life. I feel badly for people who get hooked on to drugs and bad lifestyle choices.

They must be battling with some pretty frightening things to need such hardcore escapism.

Then again, maybe he was just naive when he started. He might think he is in control over the situation.

Either way I feel bad for him. This won’t end well.

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Have you heard of fentanyll? It’s the drug they cut it with…it’s the real killer. People are dying from snorting it rather then just injecting it like the past…because of the fentanyll…they’re putting it in Coke now too and people are dying from that.

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