Keys to recovery

Find the right medication combo: I just do not believe 100% recovery is possible off of medication. I have been off medication most of my life and I have experimented a lot. You can learn a million different ways to cope with your symptoms, but nothing will take them away like medication will. Could I live the rest of my life off an antipsychotic and still function? Yes. Would I ever be 100% certain of my stability in that scenario? No.

Identify triggers: You CANNOT hope to be stable if you don’t even know what causes you to become unstable in the first place. If you’re having episodes and have “no idea” what caused them, you need to do more work there to get the most control you can have over the situation. Once triggers are identified they can be avoided or worked with to make them less triggering by utilizing certain coping mechanisms. For this key, therapy is important and will help in accomplishing all of this. Personally I figured out my triggers on my own before I was allowed to do therapy though so you can also do it yourself!

Journal: Doesn’t mean you have to write it down in a notebook, even just making posts on here counts as journaling. Journaling helps you recognize patterns, like oh every time I drop meds I spiral into insanity, or oh all my episodes only last like 2 weeks. The mentally ill brain has warped memory and thought processes in general so sometimes the only way we can get the truth is by utilizing journaling to see how things actually were and what really happened. You know the old saying those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it? Yeah humans tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over, and for us doing that can be really dangerous. Journal. Even if it means just making 3 sentence posts on here every other day. It can also help you sort out your thoughts and feel better in the moment, vs keeping everything inside.

Get good sleep: I don’t have much more to say about this one. If you have crap quality sleep like me then you just need more of it.

Have a good support network: This is the last one I can think of, it’s very important to have people you can trust in your life that you can talk to if you aren’t doing well or who can recognize when you need help. Even people on this forum can count :slight_smile: And people who are just good and fun and positive to be around that help you through the darkest times.

summary: Just read the bold parts of the post


I have a symptoms journal. I find it helpful

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I wish I was more organized with my journaling I have like 50 different journals and post on here I need it all in like one place lol.

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dope dope dope

good things good things

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All sound like reasonable points for managing the condition. Happily, i have most of these. The only thing i don’t do is journal…but i’m going to try and start that maybe tomorrow.

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Thank you for your excellent key points to recovery.

I am still on the road to recovery. It is a life-long journey as I have been on medication for 20 years.

Wish you Anna and every forum member success in recovery.

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