Keyboard lesson today, and I Have Problems Remembering My Pieces

My piano teacher just doesn’t understand that I have serious memory issues. He thinks that I can learn and practice the same way that all his other students can. I just can’t. Especially long pieces. I have to practice pieces over and over again, in their entirety, to drill them into my memory. He calls this “performing” and says that this is ineffective. He wants me to practice parts of pieces, and get them down, and then forget about them. I simply can’t do that.

Encourage yourself!

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Are you an instrumentalist?

When I used to run I competed against myself only. My only goal was to finish. I never even tried to break my own times cause each run was different. Some was more uphill, other flat and other a lot downhill.
Maybe you could try to go at your own pace.
Maybe you can schedule less classes if you need more time to practice in between.

I like having an hour lesson each week. Keeps me on my toes. And gives me enough time to cover everything. I have plenty of time to practice each week because I don’t work, and I practice every day, for about an hour a day.
I went over the piece again today and I could play it in it’s entirety. I thought I had forgotten how to play it. Not so.


It’s good to be aware of how you learn best. It’s not one size fits all. Learning the piano sounds like fun.

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Oh, it is very fun. And challenging too. It’s one of the things I do everyday to stay recovered.

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