Keto diet on a 2nd Generation Antipsychotic, results?

I am attempting keto diet (High fat, high protein, 40 g of carbs or less per day), started 2nd day of this year. I am eating veggies, proteins, avocados, and high fiber low net carb wraps with lettuce bacon and pork rinds, which are some fat and protein but no carbs.

Is anyone else trying this? What are your pros and cons? Good results? I wonder if this diet will help “bypass” the metabolic syndrome created by the serotonin 2C antagonism of SGAs.

Note: I got rather irritable and angry after 2 weeks and decided to up the carbs a little bit and it helped.

Thank you!


I tried it. I couldn’t stick to it for more than a month.


Because of side effects? If so, what were they? I would rather just eat more veggies, and cut out french fries, potatoes, chips, barbecue, sugars, and stuff like that. Its portion control.

Ive had a few people at work say “Your face is getting thinner” and I am thinking “Sweeeet” so something is working. I ran out of CLA and so im going to purchase some of that and really try new things out.

Not because of side effects. I just wanted carbs.


Your liver might be at risk and you may have some issues keeping off the pounds when you get to the weight you want to be.


Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.


please keep us updated @DelusionalSandwich !
thanks! :slight_smile:

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