Keto and symptom reduction?

I’ve read some papers that have speculative research on keto and symptom improvements, does anyone know this to be true ? Thinking of trying :thinking: anything is worth a shot besides heavy meds right ?

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If keto helped with symptoms, we’d all be doing it.

I’m sure it’s not true.

I’ve heard of keto killing people, so there’s that.


Thank you !!! I shall read now oh my gosh !!

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Keto diets are unhealthy


So im thinking of doing 30 days , a small wieght loss would be great ive already been eating whole foods which has made a great impact on motivation when it comes to negative symptoms but I’ve had kidney troubles in the past and used to be a drinker *t total now * I think keto is really misrepresented!? I get told so often by people to try this and try that … its confusing and tiresome im glad u guys have the knowledge to help with these things :no_mouth:

And weight issues don’t cause morbidity?

“The WHO report on global health risks (2009) identifies hypertension, smoking, raised glucose, physical inactivity, overweight and obesity, and high cholesterol as the six leading global mortality risk factors.”

Just how many people have died from keto?

One example has been found on google.

How many people have died from being overweight? Millions every year.

Only two examples have been studied to find keto improves sz symptoms, however.


Sorry, didn’t realize you were an expert.

My doctor told me not to go on keto as it’s unhealthy.

No one is trying to argue that being obese is unhealthy and a problem.

Calm down, jeez.


Try talking to a doctor before undergoing it, but you will find most won’t approve it.

I lost a few kilograms from 24 days of keto. My blood pressure was lower than ever even though I was having salt in bacon and cheese.

It worked for me. I missed fruit though.

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Wieght isn’t really a massive issue i was thinking more for symptom relief , however I will deffo read more about it thanks guys !!

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I would guess the people who are helped by it don’t actually have schizophrenia, but temporal lobe epilepsy. They appear very similar, but are treated in very different ways.

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Low carb is healthy but Keto is unhealthy and downright dangerous long term.

There is a difference.


Yes the misdiagnosis within the mental health sector are all over , I myself have had bpd put in *no longer symptomatic * and believe that I always had sz alone its a matter of what doc u get sometimes …

I had one very good pdoc a long time ago who gave me the tools to get this far , he always was skeptical about my bpd diagnosis

I shall stick to whole food and eat potatoes haha because if I didnt I may wither and die :sweat_smile: being irish english

Thank u all so much for the advice :heartbeat: its amazing knowing that im not being talked at by the *can u not just feel better * police lol

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Diet didn’t improve my sz. It can make you healthier physically and reduce metabolic diseases but not to the point of treating a mental illness. It cant replace psychiatric meds.

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Agreed ive been on a steady low dose for 3 years and things are going as well as can hope for

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Just looking for areas of improvement, amisulpride seems to be the least worst of a bad bunch

Yea I find that just eating portion control. And natural based eating is the way forward.

I’m gonna start alternate day food fasting too for a while cos I’m also feeling pains in my torso which ain’t good.

Like right now I feel a pain just above my left hip. Area. Idk why but I believe it is food related.

But symptoms wise, I do think that it can help make one’s mind a bit clearer. :slight_smile:

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