Kenye West psychosis news


@NiceHat Is he just bipolar of Sz…???

I don’t know…

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The news, well gossip news, said it was because of dehydration and sleep deprivation.

And stress…

I think Kanye is past the age for developing a psychotic disorder. If anything he may have a temporary stress induced/sleep deprived psychosis that will most likely go away with a lifestyle change.

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Schizophrenia can manifest for the first time in middle age or later, and the course of schizophrenia in old age is typically different from that of dementia (Jeste et al., 1997).

Of the older people with schizophrenia, nearly 25% have late-onset schizophrenia (with onset of illness usually in middle age), while the remaining 75% have had schizophrenia since adolescence or early adulthood. Middle-age-onset patients are similar to early-onset patients in terms of positive symptoms (paranoid delusions and auditory hallucinations), family history of the illness, pattern of cognitive impairment (deficits in learning and abstraction but not in delayed recall), nonspecific brain-imaging abnormalities such as mild ventricular enlargement and white matter hyperintensities, chronicity of illness, and higher mortality from suicide and other causes (Jeste et al., 1997). However, late-onset schizophrenia is characterized by less severe negative symptoms such as social withdrawal and blunting of emotions, less severe deficits in learning, need for and tolerance to lower doses of antipsychotic medications, and a much higher proportion of women than men


Maybe he’s on the forum? :smile:

Hi I’m Kenya West! But honestly, I doubt he has actual schizophrenia.

Oh no the most hated man on the planet…if he has sz am I supposed to overlook his sociopathic rampage through the world…?..

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I personally think it is drug induced psychosis…


Normally a statement would be issued stating that he is suffering from exhaustion!

O as it’s known in show business, damage limitation of personality…

I was just saying to @chew that I thought Kanye had psychosis! Really, it’s probably been around for a long time. It explains a lot of his erratic behavior if he was just manic or suffering from delusions of grandeur.

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He’s probably paranoid from rigging that fake heist in Paris.


Kayne…most of the world hates me
Evil kayne…yeah but not everyone hates us…make them all hate you us…

I heard kayne wants to be sent to mars…so he can be the most hated man on 2 planets…and if there is aliens he can be the most hated man by two races…he surpassed Hitler in the hated by people category…that’s crazy…

My trump card is: Rebecca Black

There’s nothing wrong with Rebecca Black though. She just sang one annoying song.

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I don’t think I know her…what song did she sing that’s so bad…is it worse than kayne dropping stupid crap all over that daft punk song…I mean he’s not the worst in music its just he thinks he’s some sort of music god…I heard him compare himself to the Beatles…come on now…

It ought to be interesting to go below the surface and find out what makes him tick.