Kelly Catlin passes away at 23 TW suicide

Any young person dying by suicide is a sad thing.


Agree…Math and computer science in Stanford and a olympic medals is a hero thing to do…
She was super brave trying to do everything, to bad things ended this way, I’m really sorry for her family.

She was a heroin :cry:

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Pretty Noble. Which wants to stay on this ■■■■■■■ hell hole suffering?

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I hope a giant ■■■■■■■ meteor ■■■■■ this dump ass

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So sad 1554444444

Personally I take it really hard…she was such a great person and it baffles me and amazes me to no end that a person can actually go through with taking their own life…I had two attempts and it was God who saved me and convinced me I have a life worth a lot . sad sad sad…dangit!!


That’s really sad I wonder why she did it.

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I’ve never heard of this woman, but how sad to lose such talent. I hope she is in peace now.

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