Keeping your hopes and dreams alive


this time next year i hope my hound produces a winning streak and my pocket becomes full with money, its the gamble i’m willing to take…any dreams for the future?


Hoping to be in a band again and get out the house more. Small steps with my dreams, first of many there.


I’m hoping to escape this Med induced creative drought and produce a tonne of paintings and other artworks. My guess is I won’t, yet I’d rather have my sanity than a stack of canvases! :slight_smile:


My dreams are broken because of my limitations with this illness.


Dreams are for everyone ill or not ill


I hope I can certificate in English so I can teach this language in my country.


Hi guys

I try to keep my dreams alive.
I admit it is difficult to do with the negative symptoms.


To finish 5 more classes to get my degree. To recover even more than I have already.