Keeping the blonde for a bit

So I was going to dye my hair green last night but I decided that I wanted to wait a week or two to get my roots bleached before I dye it. So looks like I’ll be keeping the blonde a little longer than expected


If your hair was longer I’d have to nickname you Cousin It! Lol.

I hope when you get your hair done you love it. One of my favorite things in the world is getting my hair done. I can’t afford to anymore, but I did love it when I could.

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Thank you so much! I love messing with my hair so much. Gotta do it while I’m young lol

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Why just when young? If you can afford it and love to do it, I say keep doing it! Who doesn’t love to be pampered?!


You make a great point :slight_smile: FUN HAIR FOREVER



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You gotta do it while you’re young because when you hit menopause, (around age 48 to age 52), your hair will start falling out and consequently start thinning out considerably to the point where it will look real thin and scraggly when long. So, you will, in all likelihood, have no choice but to cut it short. (Just like 95% of all other women over age 55). @Zannah , @RottenApple

Good thing I’m not a woman then?

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