Keeping on top of things

so today i went for a walk, went for a volunteer interview, went to the shops and cleaned the cooker and work tops in my kitchen.

its great to keep on top of things and i love having things to do, opportunities and things that can keep you going and gives you something to look forward to and to think about other than the usual crap in my head,

thing is that i have learned how to block some crap by distracting myself and thinking about other things that interest me,

anyway, hope you are doing well today and i hope you are 'keeping on top of things :wink: '
haha, God bless you all and take care.


Yes I recently Google searched for “problem solving techniques” and it brought me a very informative website that tells me different and structured ways to solve problems be they complex or simple. I’ve even used it a few times. Good luck to ya!

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maybe you could post a link to it here @Apathy :smile:


It’s based for business but it works well for other things too.