Keeping my head above water

I feel like even though I’m alright now, I’m just keeping my head above water until the next time I drown. Everytime I have a weird thought or symptom, i worry that it’s the beginning of something bigger and that I’ll eventually have to go to the hospital again.
I suppose it’s inevitable, but still.

I can’t shake the feeling that I’m going to feel worse soon, and I don’t know how to prevent it.

Any thoughts?


You are very good at keeping your composure when you are doing bad. I almost can’t notice anything is wrong with you. I had a lot of fears about LGBTQ before I met you. You are just a normal person trying to make your way through life. I will always look out for a LGBTQ if I ever come across them because of you.


I think when you come out of hospital you can worry about having another relapse for a while. That’s natural.

That’s encouraging. Hopefully you’ll stay alright.

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Thank you, that is very sweet :slight_smile:


I think one of my posts got removed. Sorry :neutral_face: I didn’t mean anything bad by it. @ninjastar. Did my post get removed?

You deleted your own post. You’re welcome to repost it, as it wasn’t objectionable in any way.

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Oops. I didn’t even know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thanks.

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I know what you’re talking about. Even though i haven’t been to the hospital since last year i still feel like it’s lurking around the corner. Maybe that’s a little bit normal, i don’t know. All we can do is take it a day at a time and enjoy the good days. Hope you have many more good days.

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Yeah. I’ve been stable for years but it’s always there that feeling. I don’t mind a bit of paranoia or the occassional ideas of reference. It’s the deep depression that worries me the most. I can relate totally. I feel, even though I do well most times, that it’s just around the corner.

All’s I know is you have to live life in the now and not worry about what may be. Worry about what could be!

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