Keeping it 'real'

what does that mean? keeping it real…

i would like to keep it real, i think


Reality is for people who can’t handle Star Trek.



too many people get stuck in that whole ‘sz lifestyle’

i don’t want that, but i’m sure it would be a much different story if i was symptomatic

i know people don’t want that

For a long time I felt like you. I hated empty conversation about the weather and whatnot. I think it was because there were things going on that I wanted to talk about in my family when I was young. I’ve completely changed about that now. I enjoy bantering about the weather and professional football.

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Well, stop being your posting name, daydreamer, and find out.

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i think keeping it real means more being authentic being true to yourself not putting on a front and saying what you think people want to hear. im embracing my freakdom if people think im weird cause i am being who i am its their problem.

im embracing my freakdom

that is hilarious what you just said hahah made me laugh haha :slight_smile:

but i know exactly what you mean, we all need to do that

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“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away” — Philip K. Dick


’ keeping it real '…is sitting at the bus stop and chatting to the giant bunny next to you…!?!
take care


No…chatting with the real person beside you.


hey, the big fluffy bunny just took offence !!
" it’s okay big bunny…you keep talking about quantum physics !?! "
take care

is that the easter bunny ? :rabbit2: :rabbit:

can you tell him i’ve been good this year lol

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I’m surprised nobody has mentioned The Dave Chappelle Show that was on Comedy Central. They had an hilarious series of skits about “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”. There is some foul language in these skits but they’re as funny as can be.

They can be found at Comedy Central. Search for “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”.

It could be a three-way conversation.


I was thinking the Easter bunny doesn"t discriminate between the good + the bad, like Santa Claus is said to.

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I saw that skit!! It was hilarious.

There are things being real. We need to put a bet on it for sure.

Four years later
@mrhappy did you found the answer?

i want to keep it real too but there is so much badness in the world i’m suprised we are still here and
how can i keep it real when people are always messing with my reality like they dont care who they hurt and they are just mean. sad people with nothing else to do