Keeping in Good Spirits


I was wondering, what you do, to not become depressed, about your schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder.

I know I have my bad days, and I try to reframe; turning the negative into the positive.
It helps to stay in the positive; daily affirmations and such.


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I am interested to know the answer to this, as I suck at controlling my mood at times

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Schizophrenia makes me depressed.
I’m on high dose of antidepressant.

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Idk I am not depressed while having sz. I am not diagnosed with depression but have terrible sz negative symptoms. Maybe I am not depressed bcz I have no positive symptoms or bcz I dont have depression genes.

Well, I am symptom free so I don’t think about it much now. But, when I do, I wonder how all those crazy things happened to me. Sometimes I even laugh at the things I did. But, I try to not think about it and move on…I find that the best thing to do is work and stay engaged in stuff.

Also bcz my diagnosis is sz and not sza.

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