Keeping families together

Ok HI I am going to write for you my advice. This goes out to all the mentally ill regardless of severity. We all could use a medication from time to time. Are you sure it is you that is sick, and not someone else in your household that is unwiling to take their meds? We have to piece back together families here. See My father did not get along with me for a long time I did not understand this. I was on my medication. Until I finally realized that he wasn’t consistently taking his. You see what happens when one person is doing their job following doctors orders by taking their meds is that another family member maybe sick. And in direct correlation it is you who is also affected. I for a long time would argue nonsensically with my father, but I found out he wasn’t taking his effoxor because he didn’t like it’s side effects. Well hey I don’t like the side effects either but I more despise being committed to a pyche ward. A story with a happy ending. The medicine accomplished for him what it was supposed to and now we are less irritated by each other.


That is an excellent question. And fortunately, one that has been investigated for decades. I suggest looking up the following books on and then scrolling down to the comments on them. The answer to the question you posed is not simple because context is a big factor. But by the time you’ve looked at all this, I’m pretty sure you’ll know a lot you didn’t know before.

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