Keep thinking I know the future

I keep thinking something terrible will happen to me in the future and I keep trying to figure out what it is. For some reason I always turn out to be wrong. Anyone else sometimes think they know the future?


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That is All I Know.


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I do aswell because I am paranoid about what will happen with my financial situation

I’m Cassandra, myself.

I see a ham sandwich in my future in five minutes.

But seriously, there’s an old saying that goes, “Even a stopped watch is right two times a day.”
Bad s*it really happens sometimes. Becoming schizophrenic is the best example of that.

No, you cannot predict the future and you can’t guard against every bad possibility that can happen in life.

You may get hit by a car tomorrow; on the other hand you can live another 30 years without getting hit by a car.
You may catch some rare disease and die 5 years from now, but you can’t predict that and it may never happen. I can almost guarantee you that some more bad stuff is going to happen to you in the future, because bad stuff happens to everybody. When you look at the infinite number of bad stuff that happens in life, you face a lot of the same risks that most people face.

But you can’t waste your life living in fear of some unknown catastrophe that might never happen.

And I guess it needs mentioning that a lot of good stuff can happen to you too.

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Well, the evil voice that I hear keeps asking me, “Did you figure it out yet?” He keeps asking if I figured out the future yet. My Schizophrenia is all about a time traveling devil. The evil voice that I hear says that it’s the devil, only he’s from the future. He tells me that my destiny is awful and terrible things will happen to me. He laughs at me constantly and says it is funny how I die. He says I’m going to die in a funny way. So, I keep trying to figure out how I will die in the future. I keep trying to figure things out and it drives me crazy.

Anyway thanks for the post @77nick77. It was really nice.

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I think he was saying have you figured out he was lying and its just telepathy.

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