Keep losing oportunaties

Keep losing oportunaties to make friends. I don’t have deep, true, honest friends. I always keep a distance. How to change it?


I think that friends like that are normally the ones you have known for a long time.The only highly personal conversations I have are normally with old friends.

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Hm ok thank you. I think you helped.

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When i came to Australia my friends evolved out of the blue. I live in one town for the last 20 years. I see the same faces every day a week. I am open minded and try to start a conversation. Sometimes it’s good sometimes not. A good word to start a conversation is priceless. Some sort of social group is great to join.
When you go regular the same time to the same place, maybe a cafe you will meet likeminded people. Remember being a kid outside you always met friends.

For being friends to people you should have sth to offer, of soul or matter,
Aloneness is better than bad and corrupt friends and with good people with good intentions, friendship is better,

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