Keep hearing voices

Hello I am tortured with evil spirits that communicate to me and wont leave my mind alone. Its like my mind wont stop thinking. These voices can even manipulate the air around me, coming from the sky, or even from birds. Literally a bird said " true love" . Back to my mind, sometimes music plays in my head and wont stop. Ive been losing my sanity recently, the voices keep messing with my head making me think my girlfriend or my mom can hear the voices too. Im trying to go for walks to cope with this and by taking vitamins


Are you on antipsychotics?

It doesn’t sound good. I would talk to a professional. Also talking in here could help. Mind reading is the worse symptom of schizophrenia I think.

try doing things that are more natural or make you happy maybe. Also do you smoke any weed cause that can def do it some people these days…

Are you on Antipsychotics?

Yes i take ability 5mg to not hear any voices in my head. Not all the time, maybe 3-4 times a week

Why don’t you just increase the dose then?
It’s obviously not that distressing for you

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