Kayaks anyone?

Does anyone have one? I’m looking to do some fishing off shore an think a kayak would be nice.

What do you recommend?

I have kayaks. I think you would just want to search for sea / fishing kayak. Gumtree is usually the best place unless you have the cash for a new one.

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I had one years ago. It used to have slots to hold fishing rods, though I never used them. Nothing better going out to sea on a calm day.

Yeah really cool. Over here out from our coast they had a whaling station that was operating till the 60’s. The great whites would follow the whales up the coast. On top of that you’d get the tiger sharks coming south and some big ones out in the bay off the drum lines.

Good for you. I’m not going near a kayak over here in the ocean! Lots of sharp teeth!

Got a VKV Lisa, made in Sweden. I dont use it enough though. That model is probably not the best model for fishing.

I just got the 2019 Lifetime Teton Angler 100 10’
I haven’t used it yet but looks nice.

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