Karma is not true

I dont know I see so much dirtiness, corruption, cunning, deceit, destroying other humans and most people who do such things progress real far in life both in name and fame and everything.

Where is Karma acting ?. I am skeptical of Karma now.

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Since you’re Indian, I had an Indian friend who told me that karma acts after reincarnation. it sux.
I’ve seen bad things happen to good people and bad people.
In Christianity, you have to do good even to bad people.

I think it’s possible karma exists. No way to prove it though.

I sometimes wonder if reality is just made up in the mind. I’m trying to figure out why I will be tortured in some following lives and some of my past lives. Is it because of my thoughts and beliefs? Is it due to memories? Will I experience every thought I have as being real? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the guilty conscience that is torturing me. Surely karma exists then.

@waterway the definition of Good and Bad varies.

what would you call a Good person or who would you call a bad person?. Similarly what is Good Karma or what is Bad Karma.

according to me : Good Karma is Wisdom, Love, Generosity, Kindness, Unselfishness to the point of sacrificing everything for humanity and Infinite Compassion.

Bad Karma is Greed, Desire, Selfishness, Ignorance, being stupid/idiot.

The problem is that those Folks who do BK (Bad Karma) almost always succeed and move ahead in life while people who do Good are crushed.

I dont see Karma acting anywhere unless Karma is psychological and for that result would be then seen only AFTER DEATH.

So we could conclude that Karma dosent really work while Alive

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To be honest what you are suffering is just mental issues which have no connection whatsoever to Karma.

I have a Delusion of being injected and I dont believe it is due to my bad karma. It is just the state as it is. Maybe the fear is taking a toll on me. or just maybe I am not meditating enough to know the complete truth/complete picture.

Who knows?

But i dont believe mental illness has anything to do with Karma WHATSOEVER

that’s an interesting point of view. I have a lot of good and bad karma, mixed. :sunglasses:
My perception of karma was different. basically, karma to me, was the good things that happen in your life according to your good deeds. do good, receive good, do bad, bad things will happen to you. and by do good and bad are the perceptions of western and new age acts of deeds. Helping others, vegetarianism, kindness, compassion etc and do bad, steal cheat, lie, abuse etc. I have my cousins and aunts who have suffered all their lives for no reason. I don’t know them inside out. I’ve suffered also but I have a lot of good things in my life.

Some people just suffer.

for no reason. some are born into poverty and illness.

Yes but I do have an INSIGHT which could sound crazy.

What I believe is that those Individuals who do suffer from a Mental illness have an heightened sense of Awareness/Intuition/Intelligence — call it by any name.

It is just that they are unable to keep that Heightened sense of awareness at their GRASP inorder to SOUND SANE to the society.

What I also believe that the so called Normal People who do not suffer from MI are actually too DUMB/CLOSE MINDED/Lacking awareness to even reach the level of the above folks.

SAY there are 3 Levels of People:

Level 1 - Enlightened folks

Level 2 - Those that are stuck in between complete darkness (3) and E(1). Many folks stuck in level 2 end up unforunately with MI since they are unable to keep that extra flow under their control.

Level 3 - Normal humans who are living in complete darkness.

Ok I might be speaking out of the air so forgive me if I am.

I think poverty is something which CAN be overcome by someone.

But being born into Illness is something truly bad and unfortunate.

Again we dont know why is it the case?.

Also some folks walking by on the road gets run over by a truck driven by a drunk and the guy gets permanently disabled/killed for no fault of his…

Again if you ask Richard Dawkins and the Materialists – they would say that this is Random.

If it is random then everything in Life is Random.

And then what purpose would be served in life to do good?. I mean just destroy anyone and everyone on the way and get your thing done without fearing anything and anyone…I dont know.

I believe being Good = Being Retarded.

sorry im being retarded, mods close the thread.

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