Kappa opioid receptor influences naltrexone's effects on drinking alcohol

It appears that naltrexone will probably work better in younger alcoholics than older ones. As time goes on alcoholism also known as a progressive disease will activate kappa opioid receptors. If you have less of this, naltrexone will be more effective in the treatment of alcoholism. Pretty much earlier intervention with naltrexone or else it won’t work later I think. And it still has no explanation for why naltrexone makes magical fairies fly throughout my brain :thinking:


I asked my doc for that for dissociation. Guess he is conservative/ old school. Not much into the latest research. I might make a good psychiatrist. But not sure because I talk about conspiracy theories. I care about people a lot. Just a fantasy. I’m more into learning disabilities and stuff. Like autism and ADHD. I might make a good one or a horrible one. I think I went to med school in a past life a long time ago if you believe in past lives. Some psychiatrists do, surprisingly.

Anyways, I also looked into naloxone too or whatever it is called. I had more issues with severe dissociation than schizophrenia in my opinion. Never been a drinker. Just caffeine.

I think I dropped out of med school but at least i got in once. Not sure. Memory is super fuzzy.

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The kappa opioid receptors are responsible for consciousness, mood, motor control, etc. This gene is involved a lot in alcoholism. Not only that, it sometimes alters the responsibilities. That’s what I got from this, and it seems like people with more triggered OPRK1 gene can get more symptoms.

But I’m not sure if we should be testing everyone’s genes for this problem. Gene testing is so expensive. It’s just complicated and it took me 3 years to find out my mutations. How on earth they are going to do this to people who might not be susceptible for hyperactive OPRK1 receptors?

If they want to find out how OPRK1 gene affects people, they have to develop a specific test for this- perhaps a panel, like the connective tissue or neuromuscular panel.

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