Kanye West Calls Slavery A ‘Choice,’ Gets Schooled On History

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What is wrong with him?

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He needs help. Seriously tho… he’s starting to sound like OJ, “I’m not black, I’m OJ”. If he’d stop playing barbie with the Kardashians, he’d actually know what’s up.


He says the craziest things lol. Someone is seriously going to hurt him. Slavery was not a choice nor was it a decision to stay in it. But its amaizing to hear what we actually listen to. His song with through me for a loop. It basically summed up what we are looking at in politics today. Kanye west is for trump ti for Hilary and the great debate on who is right and justified on what their views are.

I feel like I get what he is trying to say… Something like everything is a choice…

I think it’s like he’s talking from a chakra people aren’t connected to

Gosh, I couldn’t imagine having a delusional manic episode in front of the entire world like that. How embarrassing. I’m glad I’m not that famous.

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