Justin Bieber Focusing on ‘Being Spiritual and Attending Church’ After ‘Disappointing’ Decision to Cancel Tour

who cares about bieber anyway?

People often get too spiritual, and it harms themselves and people around them. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. It’s fine if you need to believe in something, but try not to become obsessed. On this forum, we regularly remove posts that are prone to causing delusions. So-called spiritual posts are probably the kind the gets removed the most, because when you take it too far, it can harm others. Naturally, there is something between extreme materialism and extreme spirituality. Extremes are rarely good.


I think religion is…religion. Hmm. :thinking:

Besides, real spirituality you don’t even have to think to do. You LIVE it, you don’t THINK it. In my opinion. Although that’s a whole nother debate, I just feel after years of reading eastern philosophy books, it wasn’t till I metaphorically “put it all behind me” that I really made strides with my spiritual nature.

That’s just one take on the matter.

But some will say “An enlightened man doesn’t even know he’s enlightened” or “There are no famous Taoists in history because that defeats the purpose of Taoism”

For me it was years of dwelling on how “spiritual” I am. It wasn’t till I stopped thinking and worrying about it that now people are telling me “You are very spiritual”.

Maybe the extreme spirituality stuck with me a little bit, but when I was obsessing on it, well, it didn’t help me till I stopped obsessing on it :wink: .

Lao tzu

It seems Bieber makes extreme lifestyle decision statements a lot.

I remember a couple years ago he said “I’m taking at least 2 years off from making music to work on my creativity”…well then he released a song like a month later.

He wrote the Tao te Ching. He’s a famous Taoist.


I tend to think and narrate everyrhing to myself