Justice has been served

My PIP (UK benefit) got reviewed, and now I get enhanced daily living instead of standard, which is an extra £32 a week

I am so happy as I thought I might lose it altogether

Was so paranoid about it

But, this is justice served

When I originally got it I was 1 point off enhanced, and their points didn’t make sense

3 years later they have finally recognised my situation

Going to thank my case worker for the supporting letter


Thank God im so happy to hear that bro. Glad they didnt cancel it

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That’s great @Joker

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Lucky you…!!!

Congratulations :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

I remember wen I used to get pip it was fun cos I could actually afford food lmao.

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awesome =)
glad to hear that that worked out.


That’s great news! Always nice to get some extra dough.

Are you still looking for a new job or have you settled down for the G job?


I am arguing with the government job people at the moment because they expect me to wait 2 months for an occupational health appointment before they will hire me


You do like to argue!

Good luck with it whatever the outcome may be.