Just woke up from the telekinesis dream

I’ve had this one many times before, it was very lucid. I’m just sitting in a room moving things around with my mind, up down, into my hand, back and forth… just like having an extra muscle in your brain.

Would be neat if I could actually do that.


Was your dream scary? If it was I’m sorry. Scary dreams are awful. But if it was a nice dream then I’m glad for you. You deserve good dreams.

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Oh no it wasn’t scary. Some of my dreams are I guess but this one was not.

I just remember the end which is playing with objects in the room using it, it’s always a fun experience. Probably have had the dream four or five times so far.


I am glad you had fun and it wasn’t scary.


I’ve had dreams like that. They’re fun.


I have lucid dreams of floating :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ve had that kind of dream, where I could just float at will, and move things with my mind. Makes me wonder if that kind of ability is what is in store on the “other side”.

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