Just when you thought it couldn't go wrong

So I’m the one in charge down the cricket club. It’s ok. I’m doing an extra trip a week and most of my days even out to about the same but I’m going flat out whilst I’m there. Anyways had a helper today to come down and help mow the outfield. It’s an hour and three quarter to do the oval and it’s great to have a volunteer to help…

So I got on the mower to do a little bit before old matey takes over and bang. Blew a belt. Like it’s friday lunchtime and my mower bloke is booked solid two weeks in the future and the hockey guy who has a mower is away of course…So didn’t mow the oval. Not sure how that affects the game as it’s second week but we will see…

I’m having one of those months already :slight_smile:


Man, sometimes it feels as though things are conspiring against you, everything that could go wrong just seems to go wrong. Hopefully you can get a new belt.


All I can say is… Yay, it’s someone else’s turn lol. Sorry, had to be a smartass

Everything has gone wrong with this house this year, including tiles being ripped off the roof in high winds, the septic system overflowing twice… sweet. I could go on and on

Sorry you got to deal with all that ■■■■ dude, hopefully things turn around tomorrow

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