Just went on a pulsatile tinnitus forum

Some people need surgery. Dam. This really can be serious.

I’m going to ask for an mri at the gp.

Does anyone here get pulsatile tinnitus and do you have an idea of the cause?

It is when you can hear your blood whooshing in your head

I get it sometimes, but not all the time. Do you have it all the time? That would be awful.

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I just get it when I lay my head down at night.

It’s disturbing.

It could be a developing aneurysm… I just need to find out for my peace of mind

A burst hemolytic stroke has a very high death rate

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I get it a lot. I have a program in my hearing aids to make it not as obvious, so I mostly only notice it at night now.

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Did your doctors say what it is from. Is it due to hearing issues?

Mine is likely dysautonomia related, as it tends to get much worse when me POTS and NCS act up.

My hearing loss is hypermobility related.

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