Just watched


Just watched a beautiful mind. Anyone have any thoughts on it? My hallucinations are opac, but not as real looking as they portrayed in the movie.


I had seen it years ago. I don’t remember it.
I heard that it’s not accurate


I kind of figured. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone have hallucinations that lucid.


I have seen it, but I want too. What is opac? My hallucinations are like audible, but one time when I got out of hospital and they changed my meds, I was taking a walk and there was this field of white flowers with like ladies picking them and putting them in baskets, pretty weird. I went back the next day and there was no flowers in that field and im pretty sure there never was, just a bunch of dead grass.


Woops meant opaque


Oh nice little story there. Thanks for sharing.


I thought it was a very neat, and well made film.

My experiences with psychosis we very different than the way Nash’s were portrayed in the movie. But every person with sz/sza has their own experiences.


I don’t think I’m anywhere near as good at math as he was.


What’s interesting is that his voices didn’t change throughout his life, it was the same three people (ed harris, the friend he had as a student and the little girl). I’m not sure if this was true to life though.