Just watched Extraction on Netflix

It was good did anyone else watch it?


Is it a newer film?

I just finished Blackkklansman. It was amazing!

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I actually watched a movie over two days this week. A record for me finishing one! Jo Jo Rabbit. It wasn’t bad. I’ll have a look for this Extraction…our netflix is different from overseas ones so we often have different content which sux because I pay $15 a month for it!


@Montezuma it got released in April 2020. Chris Hemsworth is the protagonist.

Watch the trailer on youtube it’s good. Fully action packed.

@rogueone didn’t know that Netflix has different content for different countries.

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I watched Jack Reacher 2, The phantom threat, motherless brooklin !
I also watched a recent movie with G. Clooney. Don’t remember the title…

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