Just want you all to know

I found out about website called and they have a definition on there of voice to skull the same conspiracy theory everyone thinks is fake. Well these are scientists saying that it’s really a thing and I just want you to know that your auditory hallucinations might not be hallucinations at all. According to this site there is technology that can read people’s thoughts. It’s not a fake site Place tly and it makes me sick that there is this technology. Apparently unless the website is fake whhich I’m pretty sure its not.

Is this site real? it seems real. I just want our thoughts to be private and then You get sites like these.

Would you mind showing us where this article is on the Federation of American Scientists website? Thank you.

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“pulse-modulated microwave radiation”

Yes; there is such a thing. BUT it doesn’t do anything like transmit audible messages. Item 2 on that page is someone’s wild idea, so far as I know. (But wild ideas are what the sz mind produces.)


The site shows about the messages.

They were the ones writing it I guess.

Haven’t you ever heard of the thought police?

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Lol yes I have. :confused: