Just wanna see my brother

He’s in ER…
My sister in law felt unconciosly on the street and hurt her head…
She must be in bad shape.

Called my brother this night and he told me what happened and that they are in ER.

They are waiting for 5 hours.

I still don’t know how their situation is sustainable. She falls all the time and things aren’t that good. He is in deep credit from bank, and he runs mostly his own family.

Their child I haven’t seen for two years.
It kinda begins to hurt me, but he won’t let me to my ex flat.

Called my father to see if he could pick me up and go together in ER, but he’s watching tv…

I want desperatell,y see my brother, two years is too much.

I’m so sad, just venting.
Everything is so complicated.


Sorry @anon25523312 that sounds awful.

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Hang in there @anon25523312. I hope she’s ok.

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Just messed up family situation.
My father didn’t want to call him directly, they had fight two months ago.
I called brother just now, but he’s not answering.

My father in the meantime gave him his car, for situations like this, and money for registration, but he spent the money and returned car.

I hope this sick family situation will end.


I’m sorry @anon25523312 . That sounds awful.

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I’m so sorry @anon25523312
Hopefully you will get to see your brother soon

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I just called, scanner didn’t work in ER…

Can’t be more messed up.

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Do you mean the CT Scan?

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Yes, they are home, but he won’t return call…
Ct scan


It’s midnight.
My brother called me.
I can see he is in control of his situation.
She fell asleep as well as kid.

I tried to explain why our father ignores his troubles.
I think it’s even better not to be in contact with him

Tommorow my father comes to my place.
We’ll have a talk, if he loosens up a bit.

Brother is closest relative.

Thanks @Turtle42 @Wave @ZmaGal @everhopeful


Good luck @anon25523312 15

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Yes good luck buddy

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That’s good your brother got back in touch eventually. Hope everything goes okay when you have a chat with your father.

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Thanks @Zoe :blossom:

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Good luck with everything Zoa

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I’m going today to see my nephew…
I go in two hours…
Thanks everybody for support…

Edit: I’m not going, too tired.
Besides,he told me to go with my father…
He won’t go, so I have no transport…
My back hurts and I’m going to sleep…

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I saw my brother over video call…
He’s looking awful :neutral_face:
In two years he developed wide wrinles, eyelids look dark and he"s declinining in psych sense.
Saying same things as he"s logorrheic.

I told him to take vitamins, and take care of himself…

Can’t go to his home bc I never know how it will end with he’s wife, she’s almost psychotic.
No good…
Ruined my day…


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