Just waiting for time to pass

I feel like I’m just waiting for time to keep passing not that it leads anywhere. I have little to do and no focus on anything, and this has been going on for months I suppose. I really need to find ways to occupy my time but I don’t know where to begin. I sort of wish I was able to sleep a lot more just to kill the time. I don’t have the typical depressed mood, dunno if the AP helps take care of that, but got some of the negative symptoms. Basically I’m just frittering my time away doing nothing most of the time.


My negative symptoms are worse too …!! and i feel anxiety …it is very severe …!!!

I’m in the same boat. It gets worse when I actually have some thing that I need to do but just can’t find the motivation. Which is the situation I’m in now.

Another problem is inconsistency. One day, I’ll feel borderline ok, then the next I just want to stay in bed. It’s impossible to get anything done.

I feel your pain dude.

I have the same problem every day im waiting for going to bed just to wake up and want the same thing again and most of the time I do nothing.