Just upped the dosage on B vitamins, Fish Oil, and Vitamin D

I was taking 100 mg of B-1 Now I’m taking 300 mg

I was taking 100 mg of B-2 Now I’m taking 400 mg

I was taking 500 mg of B-5 Now I’m taking 1000 mg

I’m just taking twice my normal Omega 3’s it’s slightly complicated

I was taking 1,000 IU of Vitamin D-3 Now I’m taking 5,000 IU

I feel pretty good


Are you also taking meds @TheBest?

Yeah. I’m on Risperdal injections and Latuda. Also I’m on Propranolol for anxiety. I take Zofran for Nausea.

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I’m on Risperdal also.
Good med for me but lots of side effects.

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Going off Risperdal gave me brain damage.

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I just upped B-12 from 500mcg to 1000mcg.

I just used examinecom as a reference for what dose I should take.

I find B12 to be more efficient when used with injections

Who gives you the injection?

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My dad gives me an injection every year or so. He gets the shots from Russia


How long do they last?

About half a year or so. I forget the dosage, I think like 6 grams or so. Don’t really know how much.

wow, yeah I’ve heard about it before, interesting

I have a feeling that all this supplement daredevil stuff is going to come back and bite you guys someday.

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these are the safe ones

So it came back and bit you?

Be careful with b vitamins, there not all that safe, especially if you smoke.


Thanks for the info. No, I don’t smoke.

No worries mate.

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I could do with out the vitamin d. A lot of people like it though, so I’m giving it another chance.