Just trying to get my degree

Enough with this 50 cent get rich or die tryin thing. I’m just gonna get my degree. Then when I’m done I can get rich or die tryin. Go fifty cent on all these ninjas after I get my degree. I need to focus on my homework more. Which I will do.


Are you a doctor? :sunny:

Good luck with your ventures

Go Go Go shawty is Ur birthday…!!!
do ur homework like its sunday…!!
Read ur book like its ur lucky day…
U can find me in the collage…
Bag full of book…bitches what u want…!!
ha ha u might see me…in the collage…!!!
so pimp pop off…
Shady after math…
chew chew chew haha chew U.Ni…T…!!!


Haha ch ch chew unit!!!

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sounds like a load of malarky. You’re cuckoo like the rest of us

If you get a degree, it can open so many doors.

Yes, a degree can open many doors for higher paying things, but schizophrenia can close many doors too. Education is always good.