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I was in Wal Mart day before yesterday after eating a German chocolate sunday for lunch at Braum’s. This guy was looking at me like I was being coddled because I could afford a German chocolate sunday while I was on ssi. At the time I thought, “Maybe it is kind of decadent for someone on ssi to be able to eat a chocolate sunday when he wants.” After I got home I got to thinking. I wondered if that guy had ever had his hand in the public coffers. I wondered if he had ever cheated on his taxes. I’m not saying he did, but there are people who have done that. The corruption of the rich will destroy a country much quicker than the irresponsibility of the poor. Witness the housing meltdown of 2008.

I lost two houses in a bancruptcy, well my ex wife did anyways…both houses were in her name. It came back to haunt us later when we were finally poor because of the poor financial ability to make right decisions broke us up…we were unstable.

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I’d wish the corruption of the rich would happen but nothing changes so I wouldn’t feel guilty about anything in life.

I survive on a government pension. I don’t feel entitled to it but I do find myself feeling ok with getting government handouts. I can’t work. I did work and tried my hardest for a long, long time.

It’s a worthwhile post to bring up. The disparity between the rich and the poor is becoming more marked. Less people own more stuff. Not a healthy thing for our survival as a species in my book.


And the financial industry kept pushing these toxic mortgages even when they knew it was leading us to disaster. They’re good at getting people to buy things they can’t afford.

Social Security knows that people will spend some of their SSI or SSDI money on entertainment, whatever that may be. And they don’t mind. How did that guy know you were on SSI?

Heck, I used to smoke while on SSI.

We come to Wal Mart in a group once a week. After we’ve done our shopping we sit on a bench in an exit hallway, looking like skid row bums.

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