Just talk to me this is the only time I leave the house

At the dog park, why not, my dog is well behaved, gets up promptly and leaves. Was I not dressed right did I say too much?

Did someone give you the cold shoulder at the dog park? Dog owners can be a strange bunch sometimes i find.

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Some people just aren’t up for small talk. It was probably nothing personal, they just weren’t feeling chatty.


Some people don’t understand that after not being able to trust anybody with anything my entire life it’s literally impossible to make small talk.

Yeah it’s ok if you don’t wanna make it either.

Because I know what it’s like not being able to make small talk. So I’m happy with zero small talk my whole life.

But when they try to make me feel guilty for not talking to them. That’s what pisses me off

“Thanks for talking to us!!!” “You too girl ;)”.

Would be my response now

Sorry @daze

No honey put it out there be totally taking the experience you been burned by haters. Be a force to be reckoned with.

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