Just stopping by

I haven’t been on in about a year, but I have spent a lot of time drawing and continuing to get better… I just wanted to share a little.

Charcoal portrait

Pastel landscape (recently sold)

Drawing I did for a friend

Quick apple study

Charcoal self portrait live

wip that I recently started


Stunning. I’m highly impressed.

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Thank you Daze.

Wow, you got some talent there.

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Excellent drawings. I’d like to see you go on and on in this. Are you a professional artist?

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Nice art. Fifteen

Approved,…,.,. 1515

Thank you. No i’m no professional, its just a hobby that helps calm my mind… best medicine so far! I literally got enough drawings to bore you to sleep, but here’s a few more


It’s all beautiful work !

brillant art work

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What city are the bridges, looks like quad cities, you agree @Rhubot?

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I was just thinking that. Looks like Arsenal looking east to 74, if there was no city around.

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Louisville to New Albany bridge.

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Nice, there may have been a standard bridge built back in the day, a replica that sprouted up.

Maybe we are seeing an end, because a lot of these bridges need to be redone.

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really beautifull :wink:

They’re actually building a new one right now thats close to being finished

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We are too, but construction just starting I think, or near future. Did you ever read Bridges of Madison County? It’s a great little trip over those small bridges. I still love them.