Just started taking Sertraline (Zoloft)

Anybody has any Sertraline related experiences? advice?sweet memories?
Do share.
I am in my second day of taking 100mg tablet (for anxiety and depression) and I am feeling rather shitty.

and - all right - let me elaborate if you please: almost right away after taking my first dose I started getting these whiffs of general unpleasantness - and was like - how do I know this shitty feeling - then I remembered - it feels like coming down of ecstasy - which led to me concluding scientifically that some serotonin related processes are taking place
but yes - no - feels gross

I was on Zoloft a long time ago. I didn’t stay on it very long. not bc of side effects…I don’t remember having any. but it was back in the days I was on and off medicatiions constantly.

good luck with it. you’ve got to try a med for about 2 weeks to see what it is really going to do or not do for you. with the exception of having a really bad reaction to a med. then you wouldn’t want to stay on it.

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I used to take 100 mg of zoloft for anxiety and I guess it worked ok, but it did nothing for the depression or the lack of motivation. Man it did it make me sleepy. That with the Seroquel… looking back, no wonder I sat in bed hardly able to move for 19 hours a day. I wasn’t having any anxiety. Since I was told it was for panic and I was too numb to panic, I guess it was working. I was also gaining weight and I was sure it was because of that.

I am personally doing better on Xanax.