Just spent the past couple hours tripping out to music

No drugs involved, just my natural hallucinations. It was funny I could tell earlier when the modafinil wore off because when I was playing with my rat all of a sudden everything seemed to glow with bright color.

So anyways I decided to put on some electronic stuff and just lay back on my bed and watch. Lovely swirling colorful lights. Everything glowing so brightly, at one point my blankets really seemed radiant like there were lights woven inside. The fan spinning even though it wasn’t on. The door paneling becoming squiggly, disappearing altogether, the door frame stretching to where it seemed as wide as 2 doors, the door vanishing completely. The blankets on my bed rippling like waves. I could feel the music. It was a very satisfying experience. I always found my hallucinations so peaceful and entrancing. I feel lucky to be able to experience this freely, and that I never got frightening visual hallucinations. Having a weirdo brain isn’t all terrible.


Sounds like your turning a negative into a positive. Great stuff!


i wondered if i had not have been cowardly, as maybe the thing that sounded like a beast was running to me to protect me, as such made me afraid, maybe near catatonic. i was so afraid i was having movements unaware.

when i became aware of mi, from the movie ''a beautiful mind", i visited a site and a fellar talked about taking the ceiling down looking for the voices. geez, not only was he not afraid, he was searching for the things.

i still love him and his bravery. i find your type fascinating. such courage. i’ve never had the sort of hallucinations you have. yours does sound fun!

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