Just sitting here waiting to take my benzo

I’m currently taking a benzo every 3 days, down from 1 each day.

It was a rough ride getting to this point withdrawal wise. I first started taking a benzo every other day for 2 weeks.

Now taking a benzo every 3rd day for 2 weeks. Then every 4 days etc etc.

Edit : I’m on Clonazapam, which has a long half life.


When I quit school I got so relaxed I forgot to take it for two days… then on the third day I remembered and took half so I woulnd’t get withdrawals, now I’m at half every two days.


I tried taking half a day as suggested by my psychiatrist, but had horrible withdrawals. So far, the ‘Skipping days’ method seems to be working out better for me.

So long as I make changes slowly, i.e. every 2 weeks.

Well done on being on half every 2 days.

Arghhhhhhh, it’s going to takes ages to wean myself off at this rate :imp:. But slowly seems to be the best way for me.

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Good luck, hope you can really tackle that anxiety as well. I want the benzos to become an sos thing, not an addiction

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good luck, I take benzos as needed. doctor wants me to talke everyday but I don’t. just this week I went four days without it and took one today.