Just scored some banana bread!

Was babysitting the boys and their mum said I could have a half loaf of banana bread that was left over. Result!


Lol. Happy days !

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Enjoy that banana bread.

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:banana: + :bread: = :partying_face: !!! 15 characters


Sweet J Bob! I love banana bread.

Get any new movies lately?

I watched an amazeballs Mr. Rogers documentary last night.

Just watched samurai cop. Effin loved it!

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Sweet! I almost ordered Cannibal Holocaust on DVD, but I decided against it because of the animal killings.

I’ve seen it before.

Never tried banana bread, is it like banana cake?


Yea it’s a type of cake basically…just a little less sugar


Is it a good movie? I’ve only seen some of it.

Banana bread is good btw!

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Cannibal Holocaust is kind of a pile of dung in my humble opinion.

It’s definitely a pure exploitation film though, and one that crosses the line of morals and any kind of decency.

I was only thinking about buying it to add to my collection for historical purposes.

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nice gains. respect.

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