Just saying

i am getting better…but i officially feel like ■■■■. :imp:
my therapist hinted at this…looking back at the last session i had with her.
it is like withdrawal symptoms from an addiction that i have had for 40+ years.
headaches :grin: Ouch !?!
wanting to puke ( sometimes ) :handbag:
so, so tired :scream:
irritable :man:
my brain feels expanded…wierd.
i understand why it is happening…but it is very unpleasant.
having a ’ little rant '. :grimacing:
take care people of earth :earth_asia:…from :alien:


You’ll pull through it. The path to recovery has so many facets and challenges.

You got this man.

Good luck master.


Sometimes we have to get out of our comfit zone to get better. Sucks big time I know. But know you have Mrs Sith to help you through it as well as us. You’ve been through so much all ready. Which is just testament to you are a lot stronger then you think you are.

Big manly :bear:: hugs.

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Hope it’s not syncope, sith.

That can be quite troubling.

Hope you are headed toward recovery.

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You will pull through @darksith - Hang in there!

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That sounds quite physical. Did you get a doctor to check that out? I assume you’re still not on meds.

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Hang in there bud- you’ve come too far to even think about giving up.

Seriously, recovery is painful, it’s like having wounds sewn and sanitized without anesthesia. Alcohol is the anesthesia and I’m not supposed to drink it, ever. At least that’s how it is for me.

But hey, I don’t mean to brag but I have functionally recovered. I will never be the same on the inside, just might look like I’m healthy on the outside. It is like any healing process; we have been wounded and the wound is very deep, and the treatments are all painful in some way or another, whether it’s physiological withdrawal from a no no substance or psychological pain from what goes on in our heads, it hurts man.

But I already know that you will come through; repeatedly observing you experience sickness and then get better has shown you to be tough.

I really mean it, you are strong in a way that is not recognized by people unless they have personal experience with psychosis. I’ve seen way too many people think they are strong because of their hormones. That’s called being animalistic, what you have is a heroic struggle.

And by the way, I have well below average testosterone.

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Wow… I’m sorry you have to struggle through this.

I hope you feel better and stronger after this.

I’m rooting for you… and so is :bug: and :rabbit:

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but…he’s a sith? he’s evil incarnate! :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks people of earth :earth_asia: feeling a bit better today, thanks for all the positive vibes :sunny:

@everhopeful…i avoid doctors, seeing a therapist is enough interaction for me… :smiley:

@mortimermouse…thanks for what you said that helped me…but we are all heroic…we all deserve medals :trophy:…good on you for getting stronger…you are a good person.

take care :alien:


evil is as evil doeS

Digging out from under all the negativity of the past takes quite a physical and emotional toll.
Nothing easy about it.
but it’s far more painful to never let go.

In the end, when you can finally lay the past down to rest and allow the things you want in your life, that is the best reward, and that accomplishment is something that no one can ever take away from you.


yeah you are right.
i am finally starting to let go of the past…
as i do my symptoms diminish…apart from the sz of course…it is always good to hang on to at least one mental illness !?! :wink:
take care :alien:

I keep a spare in my front pocket, never know when it’s time to whip that thing out, and I would hate to have left it at home.

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nothing like a ’ little ’ bit of mental illness to get you to the front of the queue :blush:
take care :alien:

Or to the back of the bus,
maybe OFF the bus too.

Comes in handy when at night alone in a not so good part of town and a group of dirtbags suddenly notice you.
I start picking a fight with myself, skip around in a circle and switch emotions every 30seconds.
Or I’ll sing WAY too loud,
and very Off-key.
Don’t understand why no one wants to talk with me.??

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Hope these days are better for you sith.


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I’m sorry darksith I am having a bit of an easier time. I hope you feel better today. You are hero on here.

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