Just saw this

I just saw how a model went from white to black through injections so feel like they can turn me into an Asian to look or be the dictator with the current technologies no problem. This really sucks.

Post the article please.

She’s a hero! Lol

Lol wtf for real? Is that possible?

The book “Black Like Me” came out in the 60’s. I listened to the man who went black when he was doing speaking engagements.

You really work too hard to fuel your delusions, its counterproductive.

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Well now I’m wondering if it’s real that they can turn me into Kim Jong Un through surgery.

You would have to get fat to be Kim Jong Un.

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I remember when I was psychotic I was searching all the internet to confirm my delusions, I was reading about genetic mutations and downloaded the complete human genome from the internet.

I already am fat and they can probably inject you with fat.

@flowers20 You are really reaching for anything to justify your delusions. It still doesn’t make any sense why they would go through all these expensive procedures to try to get you to look like him when they could just pick someone from their own population who looks like him. Why go to all this trouble of Plastic surgery and Melanin Injections? It doesn’t make any sense.

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I’m hoping to find someone like you who will discredit me because it bothers me when I find these things. So thanks. I’m just worried they have a reason to do things to me and money is no issue so they don’t care what it takes.

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If I don’t post in 10 years you’ll know why.

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lol. I think you will be fine

If I’m not mistaken, the shots are called melanotan… Apparently they make your pigments work overtime to turn your skin a different color.

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@flowers20 it’s not productive and not a part of this forum to try and get people to help you confirm what are clearly delusions. Please have a talk with your treatment team and tell them about these things. We are going around in circles here and you are spamming the same thread endlessly. Please seek some medical help.