Just saw my doctor. Got bad news

So lately my heart as been acting weird. I went to the hospital the other day and got in instantly, didn’t even have time to sit down. They thought that I was having a heart attack. Every day my heart rate gets up to 185-200. So they ran a bunch of tests, they said I have low oxygen levels which is old news, I found that out last time I was in the hospital. I followed up with my doctor today and when he listened to my heart his face had the most dreadful expression on it.
He said I have an abnormal heart murmur. He said they can possibly fix it with surgery. HEART SURGERY. I cant believe this.
So it looks like schizophrenia is killing me and now my heart is killing me. I’ll probably dye young.
Hell I’ll be remembered for being young and not all old. Immortality at its finest.
Any way the murmur is from congenital heart valve disease.

Oh no! I hope the surgery works! :frowning:

Heart surgery is pretty common these days and since you’re young - you’ll probably make a very strong recovery. So - I think you’ll be fine. The good news is you weren’t having a heart attack.


If I need surgery on my heart, they fix it by stopping your heart, killing you and draining the heart of its blood. So they basically kill you. And I’m freaking out right now.

Sorry to hear the news. Hope, of course, that all turns out OK.

I used to have heart arrhythmia on and off. But what was weird was that if I felt my heart beat on my wrist with two fingers, the arrhythmia would stop, meaning, if I provided a conscious feedback of the heart beat, this would resolve the problem.

Figured out what this meant eventually, but it’s a long long story, and now I no longer have arrhythmia due to having resolved the problem at hand.

they don’t need to do that to fix a heart murmer hunni. my cousin had a heart murmer and all they did was cut away a few of the nerves connected to the heart so that it could beat normally. ull b fine. xxx


I have a heart murmur, usually it is a benign condition, @SzAdmin is right, you should be fine


hi I am so sorry you are going through all this, sending hugsxxx

I am sorry you are having this scare…doctors these days can fix almost anything…praying for your peace while you find out what needs to be done.

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SORRY you are going through all of this…sending you many blessings

Its not just a murmur its, congenital heart valve disease.

Just read where sometimes this can be treated with medicine. What did the doctor say? Or do you have to get more tests?

sorry to hear that, hugs to you.
you’ll be fine.
take care

I have to get more tests done.

Let us know the results! Hope it will be just medication for you. Hang tough! OO**

Sorry about your bad news. I hope that you’ll be okay. Take care of yourself.

Sorry to hear that,but I believe you will be fine because your still very young…

Sorry to hear that. Heart specialists have access to the best technology.

i’m sure they have a heart bypass machine that keeps the blood pumping while they fix your heart and they can restart your heart with a little electric pulse after they have fixed it to get it going again, i am sure the people doing the surgery have done it before and they will all be professionals so you are in good hands.

one of my best friends has a heart condition. He has had three surgeries and he is fine today. He takes medication for it. Im sorry to hear the bad news, but you will survive. What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. My friend has metal ■■■■ in his heart and a pacemaker. He is happy these days- he has friends and family but he does drink a little too much if you ask me.

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